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Meet the Neighborhood Physiologist

Husband, father, certified execution coach, keynote speaker and chiropractic pupil. For over a

decade Kenneth has explored the intricacies of health and helped others see the power of personal choice.

Kenneth’s gift as an effective communicator has allowed men to find the courage and the

discipline to be inspiring leaders in their home.

With his family centered philosophy Kenneth embodies strength.

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength.” – Saint Francis


At the age of 18, Kenneth ended his first year at the university with 0.0 GPA. After serving in the

US Army, Kenneth returned to that school and earned his degree in exercise physiology and is

currently studying health as a chiropractic student. After working with various clients, he

realized that physical processes are not the end but just a portion of holistic health. What other

processes should be explored?

The process of communication! Self-talk or how we communicate with ourselves, and our

communication with others influences our wellbeing in substantial ways.

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