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Use specificity in order to

• Support natural strengths.

• Enhance ability to express emotions.

• Increase awareness of triggers to help maintain balance

• Empower those closes to us.




It’s time to understand how others perceive you. Who cares about the prejudice superficial

perceptions? Look at Albert Einstein, you can’t miss the hair. Better yet see Fredrick Douglas,

even when surrounded by well-groomed white individuals all you see is genius.

Walk in your genius!


The coaching focus is on self-awareness or understanding oneself at a base level. Self-

awareness is the key to building relational wealth. Studies show that even building currency in

terms of dollars can be linked to self-awareness. Yes, knowledge of self: Not race, attire or

other superficial standards of society.





















Center on Results


As a physiologist I deal with the science of function. In other words what can be seen and

measured. Theory has its place but together we get to what’s practical. We focus on reality and

how you can be your hero and illuminate your life and the life of your family.

How? First you get snapshot of how you prefer to communicate. With this information comes

the ability to expand your emotional vocabulary and presents the opportunity to become a

great communicator and achieve a higher level of success in your relationships.

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